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Lacroix FC15 Trafficlight set


ID 35258

Lacroix FC15 Trafficlight set

- Lacroix - FC15 Trafficlight set | Used Small Equipment . Our expert inspector checked 1 inspection points - 1 were approved, 0 showed imperfections, 0 presented issues. We can deliver from Brugge, Belgium to your destination. You can estimate the cost using our price calculator.


Weight 50 kg
Yard Yard Zeebrugge Belgium

Inspection Summary

Overall condition
  • 1 Approved
  • 0 Imperfections
  • 0 Issues

Inspector's comment

Needs batteries to operate and new cables

Inspected by

Our Independent expert inspector Adriek

We recommend to do a full service on every machine before operating it, this includes changing the filters and oils, and making sure all fluids have the required fluid levels.