2008 - Caterpillar 730 - 10834 hrs

Used 2008 Caterpillar 730 articulated dump truck with heated body and rear view camera

Overall condition
44 Inspection points
37 Approved
7 Imperfections
0 Issues
Serial number CAT00730TB1M02342
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Brand / model Caterpillar C11
Our Independent expert inspector
Machine is in working order, has some damaged on both sides. Unit has some scratches and rusty spots

Equipment details


Dumper type Articulated

Dump body

Heated body Yes
Body liner No
Tailgate No
Swivel No
High dump No
Body extension No

Axle configuration

Axle configuration 6x6


Size of tires 23.5R25
Tires type Rock tyre
Tires front left hand
40 %
Tires front right hand
40 %
Tires intermediary left hand
60 %
Tires intermediary right hand
60 %
Tires rear left hand
70 %
Tires rear right hand
60 %


Seat condition
Main light switch and horn button are broken
Rear camera not working
Cab door
Floor mat
Air Conditioning Yes


Normal smoke level
Normal fluid level
Cooling water level is low
Normal engine noises
No engine blow by
Belts condition
Cooling system
Water level low
Oil condition
Oil replacement is required
No engine leaks
Brand / model Caterpillar C11
Engine serial number RSX12733
Engine Power 239.0kW/320.504HP

Auxiliary hydraulic

Hydraulic pump


Pins loose
Cylinder leaking
Left hand side cylinder is leaking


Front differential
Intermediary differential
Rear differential


Gearbox type Powershift

Functional Test

Front differential
Intermediary differential
Rear differential
Articulation play
Body cylinder
Pump noises


Car body condition

Hour meter

Hour meter reading 10834.7
Hour meter verified
Verification method by inspector


Weight: 22850 kg
Height: 3.45 m
Width: 2.88 m
Length: 9.93 m

Price details

Price details

Select the delivery destination to calculate the price.

Ex works price in France Standard dealer price USD 96500
Equippo money back guarantee Priceless! Included
Independent expert inspection 500 to 950 USD Included
Insurance and documentation 100 to 350 USD Included
Shipping cost - trucking Hassle-free USD 9000
Ocean freight to JACKSONVILLE Hassle-free USD 8000

Certification details

Certification & documentation
CE marked Yes
CE certificate No
EU Stage 3A
EPA marked No
Users manual and/or parts book
Service records on site
Computer readout available No

We recommend to do a full service on every machine before operating it, this includes changing the filters and oils, and making sure all fluids have the required fluid levels.

2008 - Caterpillar 730

Price at origin

USD 96500

Select the delivery destination to calculate the price.

Jacksonville (United States)

Select the delivery destination to calculate the price.

Jacksonville (United States)
Price is CIF-equivalent, NOT including VAT and importation costs
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