2011 - Maximus 512 - 5985 hrs

Used 2011 3D Steelworks Maximus 512 screen with primary and secondary screens and cable remote control

Overall condition
44 Inspection points
37 Approved
7 Imperfections
0 Issues
Country of Origin Ireland
Our Independent expert inspector
Structural the machine is in good condition. Some sealing and small repairs are required

Equipment details

Hour meter

Hour meter reading 5985
Hour meter verified
Verification method by inspector


Engine Power 74.57kW/100HP
No engine leaks
Engine is a bit blowing and for 6000hrs it is burning too much oil, gray smoke under load, see video
Oil condition
Normal engine noises
Normal smoke level
Gray smoke under load, see video
No engine blow by
Engine is a bit blowing
Belts condition
Normal fluid level
Coolant lever is below level, reservoir is empty
Cooling system

Functional Test

Conveyors folding
Drive train
Remote control
Cable remote control is for drive only
Conveyors drive
Some rollers are seized


Type Vibrating
Vibration Yes


70 %
70 %
Some track links are seized
Pins and bushings
70 %
70 %
Top roller
70 %
Bottom roller
70 %
70 %

Main conveyor

Length 1050 mm
Frame type C frame
Primary main belt 20% good
Roller and idler

Front discharge conveyor

Belt condition
Secondary main belt 20% good
Frame condition
Roller and Idler condition

Left side discharge conveyor

Lateral belt left hand side 40%, but both have damages on margins
Roller and idler
Left hand side belt: one roller frame is bent, belt not running in center and chafing on hydraulic hoses

Right side discharge conveyor

Lateral belt right hand side 10% remaining life, but both have damages on margins
Roller and idler


Wall condition
Spring condition
Screens condition
Secondary sceen disassembled (screen dimension: primary 366 x 155cm, secondary 324 x 155); parts of Primary screen stored lose in bunker


Type Self-powered
Brand / model Caterpillar C4.4


Type Crawler
Pad width 450 mm

Hopper & Feeder

Walls and liners
Some sheet metal and parts of primary screen stored lose in bunker, impossible to run feeder belt
Grizzly bar
Feeder is 50% good. Feeder belt visually good

Auxiliary hydraulic

Hydraulic pump
Some hoses are chafed. Some controls are hard to operate
Normal pressure and function
Some hydraulic cylinders have rusty spots and dots

Track Structure

Track frame condition
Track motor condition


Weight: 27000 kg
Length: 15.84 m
Width: 3.0 m
Height: 3.3 m

Price details

Price details

Select the delivery destination to calculate the price.

Ex works price in Germany Standard dealer price USD 39200
Equippo money back guarantee Priceless! Included
Independent expert inspection 460 to 910 USD Included
Insurance and documentation 60 to 350 USD Included
Shipping cost - trucking Hassle-free USD 14400
Ocean freight to JACKSONVILLE Hassle-free USD 13400

Certification details

Certification & documentation
CE marked Yes
CE certificate Yes
EU Stage 3B
EPA marked Yes
Users manual and/or parts book Yes
Service records on site
Computer readout available No

We recommend to do a full service on every machine before operating it, this includes changing the filters and oils, and making sure all fluids have the required fluid levels.

Equippo sold this machine
From Germany to Spain
USD 45800
Price delivered to Spain

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