2005 - Bomag BW174 AD - 5897 hrs

Used 2005 - Bomag BW174 AD Tandem Roller with Split Spreader BS180, side cutter, side shift seat and water spray system.

Overall condition
41 Inspection points
34 Approved
7 Imperfections
0 Issues
Serial number 101870331045
Brand / model Cummins/B3.3
Drum width 167 cm
Our Independent expert inspector
Machine in good operating condition. Smaller repairs required.

Equipment details

Hour meter

Hour meter reading 5897


Side cutter Yes
Side shift seat Yes
Water spray Yes


Drum width 167 cm
Front drum thickness 12 mm
Rear drum thickness 12 mm
Drum condition


Seat condition
arm rest LHS missing, console shaky
minor traces from front wiper
rubber on joysticks porous
Cab door
lock LHS weld repaired
Floor mat


Brand / model Cummins/B3.3
Engine serial number 68036089
Normal smoke level
No engine blow by
Belts condition
Cooling system
Oil condition
black, looks old
No engine leaks
Coolant condition
low level


Chassis and track frame
Engine hood
Steps / handrail
one handrail slightly bent
Sheet metal, roof
minor bent
Lights, batteries
some lights humid inside

Visual Inspection

Axles, drive shafts
Vibration motors
Cleaner bars


Hoses & lines
Steering Cylinders
Oil condition
level too low
Pump and valve block

Functional Test

Amplitude control
Sprayer pump
Park brake
Drive operation
Speed control
Pump noises


Weight: 9079 kg
Length: 5.7 m
Width: 1.85 m
Height: 3.0 m

Price details

Price details

Select the delivery destination to calculate the price.

Ex works price in Germany Standard dealer price USD 20200
Equippo money back guarantee Priceless! Included
Independent expert inspection 460 to 920 USD Included
Insurance and documentation 60 to 350 USD Included
Shipping cost - trucking Hassle-free USD 3400
Ocean freight to JACKSONVILLE Hassle-free USD 2900

Certification details

Certification & documentation
CE marked Yes
CE certificate
EPA marked Yes
Users manual and/or parts book Yes
Service records on site
Computer readout available No

We recommend to do a full service on every machine before operating it, this includes changing the filters and oils, and making sure all fluids have the required fluid levels.

2005 - Bomag BW174 AD

Price at origin

USD 20200

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Jacksonville (United States)

Select the delivery destination to calculate the price.

Jacksonville (United States)
Price is CIF-equivalent, NOT including VAT and importation costs
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