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Contact us
To discuss about your machines for sale we are always available by phone or email

We shake hands - online
We agree on the units and their minimum selling prices as well as the plans that fit them best

Collect all information
We immediately send our 3rd party inspector to check the condition of your units and take pictures

List the units
As soon as we have all the material, we list your units and start the promotion

Complete the sale, guarantee the payment
Once we sell your unit you prepare the invoice at Equippo and we arrange the pick-up. The agreed selling price will be at your account before the pick up.


  • Equippo provides an online marketplace, with online advertising, telephone sales, social media management and other promotional efforts for your equipment.
  • Listing with Equippo is free of charge, in the "Complete" and "Premium" Plans.
  • We manage the entire transaction as undisclosed agent. This includes us issuing the invoice to the buyer and managing payment incl. escrow or letter of credit, transfer of ownership to the buyer, pre-shipment inspection, documentation and shipping.
  • When we receive an order for your equipment, we will notify you before we reconfirm the order to the buyer and issue our pro forma invoice.
  • We are required to ensure we receive advance wire transfer or a secured form of payment for the entire purchase price prior to shipment. We are responsible to manage the sale without any risk of non-payment.
  • Once we have secured payment, we notify you and coordinate pickup and transport.
  • We will issue a transparent settlement statement within 5 working days of receiving secured buyer payment, where we show you the buyers purchase price, destination, costs and settlement amount. The settlement statement is the basis for your invoice to us.
  • Our payment to you must be made within 5 days of receiving your invoice.
  • All transaction-related costs such as transport costs, pre-shipment inspection or export declaration are shown transparently at the amount invoiced to us, and will be deducted from proceeds at cost plus a 10% management fee.
  • Finally, we take the cost risk for transport and documentation to the final destination, and guarantee that you will always get at least the agreed Net Seller Minimum, which is the Minimum Selling Price minus our commission for every successful sale. We will reduce the commission on our our settlement statement if necessary.


  • By signing up as a seller, you authorize us to publish and promote your equipment for sale and provide us pictures and information we are allowed to use for this purpose.
  • You will provide us an accurate description and ensure that the units we list from you are in good running condition, without major leaks or defects, unless you inform us otherwise.
  • Upon a successful sale, we will deduct our commission from the buyer payment before we remit the sales proceeds to you. You agree that we may deduct 12% commission from the price the buyers pays, and share any additional net proceeds (overage) in excess of the Minimum Selling Price "50/50". The Minimum Selling Price is the Net Seller Minimum we have agreed with you plus our commission.
  • You agree to notify us immediately, latest within one business day, if one of your equipment items is no longer available. This can also be done automatically through our API, or by email.
  • Once we notify you of an order for your equipment, you must block this unit for our buyer during our 10 day collection period. We can only extend the collection period if you agree to this.
  • Once we agree a pick-up date, you are responsible to make the equipment ready for transport, being clean and with charged batteries, sufficient fuel, keys, CE papers and similar machine certificates (if applicable) and the parts and operating manuals. Please remove your company decals.
  • We may send an inspector prior to pick-up, to ensure the equipment is in the condition represented to the buyer. You would give the inspector access and necessary support during his visit.
  • You agree not to accept contact from prospective buyers that were first identified or introduced by Equippo, and not to conduct a direct sale to these prospective buyers for the equipment listed with us, without our prior approval.
  • Finally, the seller warrants that the sold equipment is owned by the seller free and clear of any third-party rights such as liens or any other encumbrances or obligations.

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