Auction Terms & Conditions

1. Registration and bidding

  1. To bid, prior online registration is required. Only professional buyers acting on behalf of a business may participate, Equippo does not allow private bidders and forbids any bidding by persons acting as consumers.
  2. A copy of an official ID is required
  3. Company identification documents or a valid VAT number are required
  4. A 1000 Euro refundable deposit is payable by Credit/Debit card or bank transfer
  5. All registrations are subject to our approval prior to activation of bidding privileges
  6. All bids are binding and cannot be retracted once placed and considered by our auction system. Pre-bids can be modified until the auction on a specific lot starts.
  7. Some lots may have minimum prices, or reserve prices, as agreed with the owner. When a reserve price is not met, our system will display a “provisional sale” message and the sale is provisional, not final, and subject to confirmation by the owner, the high bidder having priority.

2. Purchasing conditions and payments

  1. An exposition will take place before the auction, giving the bidders the opportunity to see and check the equipment. No after-sale complaints on the condition will be accepted.The accuracy of any Information provided on our website and in our catalogue is not guaranteed.
  2. All equipment is sold as is with no guarantees.
  3. All buyers, deemed professional buyers by virtue of their registration, are responsible to ensure the safety for use and compliance with all regulations for any equipment purchased.
  4. The selling price (hammer price or adjudication price) is a net price, excluding buyer fees and VAT. EQUIPPO AG’s buyers fee is 10% of the selling price.
  5. 21% Belgian VAT is applied over the selling price and the buyers fee.
  6. Purchases must be paid by bank transfer within 5 days.
  7. For EU buyers, billing will be done with a 0% VAT rate upon provision of a valid intracom VAT number and after providing us the complete proof of transportation or exportation after reception of the equipment (CMR or EX1).
  8. For non EU buyers, initial billing will be done with a 21% VAT deposit. A VAT rate of 0% will be applied after providing us the complete proof of exportation (EX1/EXA and exit confirmation) and the VAT deposit subsequently refunded in full.
  9. For buyers from Belgium, the VAT rate of 21% will be charged for lots sold from Belgium.

3. Equipment pick-up and loading

  1. Purchases can only be picked-up after receipt of the bank transfer by EQUIPPO AG. No cash accepted.
  2. Our bidders are encouraged to communicate the date on which they will pick-up their purchases, load outs with appointments receive priority.
  3. Opening hours are from 09.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday.
  4. Purchases must be picked-up within 21 calendar days after the auction date. Overtime on the yard of Equippo AG can be charged 15 Euro storage fees per lot per day.
  5. For pick up, a 8 tonne Forklift and a concrete loading ramp are available.
  6. Equippo staff can help with loading but won’t be responsible for any damages. Therefore, you are highly advised to hire transporters with experience in loading.
  7. Equippo staff reserves itself the right to decline loading in case of unsuitable transportation or any safety endangerment for the people or the equipment.
  8. Only official and complete CMR documents signed by all parties are accepted as proof of transportation, therefore cross-border transportation is only permitted by professional transport companies.

4. Other terms and conditions

  1. The auction is conducted under the laws of Belgium and under the supervision of an authorised and competent notary or bailiff, who is responsible for compiling a public auction statement (procès verbal).
  2. The sole applicable Jurisdiction is at the court of Bruges, Belgium.