The Equippo Auction starts in 2 days.
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With our new online auctions with fast paced electronic bidding you can bid from your computer or phone with the same excitement of a live auction!

Make sure you are registered and approved to bid.

In order to bid at Equippo Auction you need to be registered and approved and to have a bidder number. Download our registration guide and learn how to register for our auctions.

Check the order, location of the lots and the auction schedule

To check your status and bidder number log in to your Equippo account and click on your name in the top right corner of your screen, then choose “Auction info” from the left menu. Once all lot numbers have been assigned you can download the Auction PDF catalog to see the order in which the lots will be sold. Each lot is auctioned separately, starting with lot number 1, and sold to the highest bidder, so make sure you are bidding while your desired lots are being sold! Pay special attention to the location of each lot, we have 2 different yards one in Belgium and another in France.

Place your bids

There are 2 ways in which you can bid online: live and in advance or pre-bidding.

Online live bidding

Online bidders need to be logged in to their Equippo Accounts at the time of the event. The live auction will be accessible from a prominent link on our website a couple of hours before the auction starts.

Once on the live auction screen, you will see the lot being sold, the current bid and the asking bid. To bid you will just need to click on the big green button showing the asking bid. Each lot is sold separately using a countdown timer, when a new bid is placed the countdown resets itself automatically. The higher bidder gets the lot once the countdown gets to zero and no more bids are placed.

You can access your won lots during the live auction by clicking on the “My won lots” button or by visiting the “Auction info” section under your profile. To access your profile log in to and click on your name in the top right corner of your screen.

Online pre-bidding

Not sure you’ll be online while your desired lot is being sold? Slow internet connection? Place a pre-Bid and let our system bid for you!

A pre-Bid or absentee bid allows you to place your bid ahead of time. Pre-Bids can be set before the auction starts or even after it has already started, as long as the lot has not been sold. During the auction a pre-Bid acts like your maximum bid automatically bidding for you, so that you pay the lowest bid possible up to your max. We aim to be very fair with pre-bidders and sell them lots cheaper than their limit whenever we can. In case of a price tie our system gives priority to pre-Bids over live-bids.

You can place pre-Bids by visiting your desired lot’s page and entering your bid on the white box to the right of your screen. Only registered and approved bidders can place pre-Bids. To see a list with the your lots with pre-Bids, log in to your Equippo account and click on your name in the top right corner of your screen, then choose 'Auction info' from the left menu.