Equippo Team

Michael Rohmeder, CEO & Founder

I bought my first machine at age 14 and I’m working with heavy equipment since then! My wife and kids are very important to me and huge Equippo fans. I spent 10 years working for Ritchie Brothers and now love working with the great Equippo team on a big vision. I love making our customers happy and more successful by making difficult deals happen online and easy. Find me on Twitter @rohmeder

Philipp Knobel, CTO & Founder

I’ve been fascinated by technology since a very early age. It’s amazing to see how new technologies influence and change the way we work and live. I’m CTO at Equippo and have worked in software development for over 15 years. I enjoy spending my free time with my family outdoors, skiing, sailing, and scuba diving. Working with a great, worldwide team to build a super-easy marketplace for construction equipment makes me happy.

Martin Nicolaes, Sales & Operations

My smart daughter and smiley-faced son are the most important people in my life. I’ve worked in construction equipment for 13 years with Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers. A great passion in my life is long distance rally raids by motorbike. To compensate for all that speed, I also enjoy sailing and spending time with my family. Working for Equippo means an exciting new method of re-marketing for heavy equipment. I love the family-style team. Afterall, when all things are equal, wouldn’t you rather deal with a friend?

Roman Bdaitsiyev, Operations

If there is one thing I can’t live without it is mountains! I am from Ukraine and love to mountain bike and climb. I have worked with languages and business operations for many years. I work on machine operations and Russian language management for Equippo. I am very happy to work with machinery and to work with the great Equippo team.

Alex Kazartsev, Frontend Developer

I’ve worked as a frontend developer since early 2011. At Equippo I am the frontend developer and I like helping to make the website the best it can be. Music is a huge part of my life. I play guitar and bass and enjoy mixing music in my home studio. I also enjoy sci-fi movies and popular science. I like working for Equippo because it is such a great environment and team.

Felipe Hernández Gómez, Sales & Customer Service, Graphics Design

I really like to enjoy the power of nature that’s why i love to swim in the ocean, to run in the forest and watch the sunrise in a mountain. I cannot live without music, I think it is one of the best expressions of the humanity and it makes me feel free.  I am a very outgoing person I like to know new people, new cultures, sounds and flavors.
The best part to be a graphic designer is that you can create new content using the imagination to provide emotions and create behaviors.
Equippo is the best platform in the world to show my ability to connect with customers and share my great energy, also is a very good experience to increase my customer service knowledge and make our buyers happy.

David Collin, Manager, Sales & Customer Service

My languages are English, Spanish and French, and I graduated with an MBA in France. I love traveling around the world, being in contact with multi-national persons and working for a cross-cultural company such as Equippo. I love the fast-paced international business environment and everyday I try to learn more about international trading. For more than three years, I enjoy the South American lifestyle in the innovative city of Medellín, Colombia.

Yoann Cadet, Sales & Customer Service

I’m french born from the beautiful city of Annecy in the sud est of France near Lyon and close to Geneva in Switzerland. I am Living in Medellin Colombia already since 3 years.
I’ve worked in international public relations, sales and customer service for the last 10 years in France, Switzerland, Australia and Colombia. Working for Equippo is very exciting, I love bringing the best service and offers to our clients and developing our vision and our marketplace model. Doing business worldwide is an exciting challenge every day.
As a good French I love sharing good foods and wines with my family and friends. Passionate about learning new languages and different cultures I’m also a big fan of international football and a music lover.

Yahor Zhuchkou, Software Developer

I’ve worked as web-developer since 2005 (since 2007 with Ruby). After managing a Ruby Department and leading a dev team I returned back to the web-developer role in Equippo, because it is a good possibility to create new web services, features, amazing backend and database tech and work with a very skilled international team.
I like visual astronomy, open source development, but also medieval history, festivals and knight fights. Sometime I play with fire poi aka fireshow.

Diego Torres Joya, Sales Director Latin America

Engineering is my profession, engines and speed are my passion. I’ve been working with construction equipment for almost 10 years and I enjoy everything about the industry. I joined Equippo because I like to develop this new innovative business and I believe that Equippo is the future of the heavy machines market. I am a true Colombian from Bogota but in my heart I am also a real Swiss guy, I spent a lot of time in Switzerland, I have a family there and I love the things that make it great.

Domenico Schwalb, Marketing Manager

I’m a Peruvian living in Rotterdam where I happily work for Equippo. I have been working in Marketing since 2011 and love to find different and innovative ways to reach out for customers and connect with them by offering relevant content. Before coming to the NL I enjoyed surfing awesome waves in Peru, now I like to ride my bike or skateboard and play an occasional squash match.

Elvira Tibboel, HR and Recruiting

The common thread that has run through my career until now is that of connecting people. People with work, companies with people and people with people. I believe it is a nice challenge to start work as a recruiter at Equippo. The international nature of the team, the innovative service provision, "the passion to change things" and of course the organizational growth really appeal to me. If I am not working, I do a lot together with my family. I have two lovely daughters, who are already becoming quite independent. If I am not working, I like to go horse riding or sail our sailing boat. In addition, I play hockey in competitions and in the winter, if there is ice, I like to put my skates on.

Alejandro Muñoz, Sales & Customer Service

I am an engineer, specialized in the commercial area, and my biggest passions are motorcycles, travelling and good food. That's why I love to travel the world on my motorcycle, getting to know new cultures, landscapes, great people and of course discovering new flavors. Equippo has given me the opportunity to meet people from different cultures, customs and languages, and allows me to be present anywhere and at any time, and just like when I travel on my motorcycle, I can arrive without any problem to any place I propose.

Andrea Barrera, Sales & Customer Service

​I am an Industrial Mechanical Engineering student​ in my fifth semester, I am passionate about engines, mechanics and motorcycles. I have worked with vehicles in the workshop area and the customer service. I am a person who loves to be constantly learning, I love nature, I live in a house in the countryside and I love reading and sharing with my family. With Equippo, I achieve the work of my dreams, which combines my passions.

Juliana Vasquez, Sales Support

​I am an industrial engineer and proudly Colombian. I like to ride bicycles, travel and spend time with my family and friends. I enjoy learning, getting to know different cultures, confronting new challenges and acquiring new skills. That's why I would like to work for Equippo, where I could learn different things every day and interact with great coworkers.

Jasmin Liviero, Back Office and Administration

After having spent more than 6 years in a sales position, I’m collecting back office experience at Equippo now. As swiss graduate from ETH Zurich, it excites me to play part in an innovative surrounding, where I can contribute my ideas and make a difference. The international environment enables me to use different languages (G, E, S, F). During my spare time I enjoy reading, travelling around the world, savouring precious times and discovering beautiful landscapes by different means of sport activities or just having a walk.

Laure Dacharry, Sales Trainee

I am French and speak fluently English and Spanish. I live in Netherlands for more than one year, I really enjoy the life here, trying to learn the language. Within Equippo it’s easy to meet new people and I enjoy working in an international team. I really like going out and discovering new cities during my free time.

Myrtia Veyron, Marketing Trainee

During my studies in Languages Applied to Business, I had the chance to live in Argentina and in New Zealand for one year each. This made me realized how much I like discovering and being in contact with different cultures. I'm braving now for almost a year the capricious weather of the Netherlands where I had the chance to join the team at Equippo as Online Marketing Trainee. By working here I expect to gain marketing knowledge in a global business.