Introducing the Ambassador Programme from Equippo

Global deals, made easy.

  • Help your friends find good equipment
  • Simple transactions, shipping included
  • Help us grow our online marketplace.
    Introduce us to friends and customers
  • Earn commission when they purchase
    Get a 1% "refer a friend" commission

Equippo 1% Ambassador Programme

Ambassador Registration

* = required


If you are a business, company name and address:

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  • How you help us
    You recommend Equippo to your friends and customers, help them select a machine and explain our online model.
  • What we provide
    We provide full support for any questions the customer may have, manage the entire order, issue the invoice and provide safe payment and transportation.


  • "Refer a friend" commission
    You will get paid 1% of the purchase price the buyer pays to Equippo, after we have received the buyer payment.
  • Ambassador registration
    You must register through our Ambassador website before the buyer places his order.
  • 5-year-commission-guarantee
    You will earn 1% on every order completed with your referral code during at least 5 years from your registration as Equippo Ambassador.

Tracking and Payment

  • HOW we identify your friends
    When you register for our Ambassador Programme, you are given a unique referral code to share with your friends.
  • TRACKING their orders
    Your friends should include your referral code in their orders.
  • WHEN you get paid
    You will be paid right after we receive the buyer's payment.
  • HOW you get paid
    You can select payment via bank transfer, Western Union or PayPal.
  • For Example
    If your friend orders a 200'000 Euro mining excavator with your code, we will send you 2'000 Euro to your e-mail address via PayPal one day after his wire transfer has been received.

Key points about Equippo

  • Swiss online marketplace
    Buyers can order equipment online from Trusted Sellers without the hassle of shipping.
  • Independent Pre-Shipment Inspections
    Equippo verifies every machine before it ships to make sure the buyer is always happy.
  • Safe payment
    Not only do we accept secure payment via or bank letter of credit, we also offer a Trusted Shops, money back guarantee for orders with simple payment through advance bank transfer.
  • Fixed-price Orders
    We have fixed "all-in" prices which include inspection, transport and shipping. The prices are not negotiable.

Transaction Process Overview

  • Show Website
  • Pick Machine
  • Explain Process
  • Ask Questions
  • Buyer Order
  • Buyer Payment
  • (Buyer inspects)
  • Equippo Inspects
  • Trucking to Port
  • Shipping
  • Import + Delivery

Some final points

  • Referral not representation
    The Ambassador Programme is a referral plan, as an Equippo Ambassador you are not a representative or employee.
  • Equipment Location
    All equipment must remain at it's location until full payment has been received. Buyer inspections are possible, but usually require plane travel and take a great deal of time. That’s why we encourage working with our guarantees.
Summary final